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MVP Summit - Role Call
Posted on 4/12/2008 6:04:58 PM

MVP Summit 2008
Every year Microsoft holds an invite-only summit for its MVPs. Last year we had 1700 people go to the summit in Redmond. You can see my review here ->  . (guess that video _really_ needs to go to silverlight now). Florida had a ton of folks. So in an effort to get a little organization around Florida, a couple things:

Florida Attire
Show your pride! Seattle in March is rainy and ugly and grey. Everyone wears raingear and more raingear. So, we'll stand once again! Similar to MIX, if you're from Florida wear hawaiian shirts -or- a .NET CodeCamp or SQL Saturday shirt -or- something advertising your Florida based company or product. Build our Florida community brand....

Thurs night geek laager at Kells
Thursday is always a tough one. Skip out early on the summit so you can get home on Thurs, or spend the redeye travelling back. Heck, just stay till Friday! We'll do a Florida geek laager (last year the sharepoint elite society came out and played too) at Kell's Irish Thursday night about 730p-ish. Let me know if you're in for Thurs nite. Pay for your own drinks, sorry.

Update Feb 28 - Keith Elder has posted the laager as a geek dinner - see for more info.

Role Call - Floridians
Andrew Connell :: sharepoint nationalist :: oneworld, one platform :: staying wherever the sharepoint hotel is :: wont come to the Thurs social cause his wife is in town ::
Mikhail 'misha' Dikov :: sharepoint :: melbourne / spacecoast .net ug :: Sheraton :: in for Thursday ::
Scott Dorman :: uber-geek :: Sheraton ::: IN for Thurs Social :: 
Marshall Harrison :: the gotspeech guy :: Westin :: IN for Thurs Social ::
David Hayden :: king of PNP blocks :: Sheraton :: IN for Thurs Social ::
Joe Healy :: Microsoft Developer Evangelist :: Sheraton :: IN for Thurs Social ::
Keith Kabza :: Tampa .NET User Group Leader :: Sheraton :: IN for Thurs Social ::
Brian Knight :: Jacksonville SQL Server Group leader :: Hyatt :: wimping out for Thurs ::
Santos Martinez :: Sarasota ITPro User Group Leader :: Sheraton :: not sure about Thursday ::
Rushabh Mehta :: SolidQ SQL Guru :: in for Kells :: no clue on what hotel ::
Dave Noderer :: FlaDotNet User Group Leader :: Sheraton :: IN for Thurs Social ::
Mark Polino :: Dynamics MVP :: Sheraton :: IN for Thurs ::
Nikita Polyakov ::  nickname 'crazy russian hacker' :: Grand Hyatt :: IN for Thurs ::
Bill Reiss :: Silverlight master - dr popper / farseer :: Sheraton :: ?? for Thurs ::
Brian Scarbeau :: high school teacher / game dev :: dotnetnuker :: Sheraton :: ? for thurs ::
Stan Schultes :: VB.NET MVP :: dotnetnuker :: Sheraton :: IN for Thurs social ::
David Silverlight :: the community-credit guy :: Sheraton :: IN for Thurs ::
Jonas Stawski :: Sheraton :: IN for Thursday ::
Shawn "onetug" Weisfeld :: Orlando .NET User Group / INETA VP :: Sheraton :: wimping out :: 
Bayer White :: Workflow :: Hyatt cause Brian is there :: Jacksonville Arch SIG :: wont go on Thurs cause Brian wont ::
Jim Zimmerman :: Ajax expert, reformed PHP type :: Sheraton :: IN for Thurs ::

Role Call - FoF - Friends of Florida .NET
Jeffrey W. Barnes :: claims to be the real jeff barnes :: Sheraton :: IN for Thurs :: 
Keith Elder :: sole .NET MVP from Mississippi :: Westin :: IN for Thurs :: 
Jose Luis Manners :: somewhere up north :: former Floridian :: Sheraton :: IN for Thurs ::
Lori McKinney :: Huntsville .NET :: Grand Hyatt :: IN for Thurs :: no blog
Todd Miranda :: social master of bama :: Sheraton :: IN for Thurs ::
Bruce Thomas :: main 'bubba' from Montgomery :: Westin :: IN for Thurs ::
Jim Wooley :: King of LINQ :: Sheraton :: ?? for Thurs :: 

email to get added to this list

updated on: 4/12/2008
disclaimer: I have no clue who those folks in the picture are. jeh.

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