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CodeProject Windows 7 Contest
Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 App Dev Best Practices Building apps for WP8 and Win8 together. From SOFL events Nov 2012.   29.83 meg - 11/30/2012
Certification and Monetization for Windows 8 Store Apps Monetization and Certification for Windows 8 Store apps. Largely cobbled together from BUILD 2012 presentations.   12.87 meg - 11/12/2012
Opening the Tacklebox on Windows Phone 8 Opening the Tacklebox on Windows Phone 8 (for Developers). Delivered to Tallahassee CodeCamp 2012   22.77 meg - 11/5/2012
MonoGame Introduction for Windows 8 Store Apps Intro to MonoGame for Windows Store Apps using the 3.0 framework. As delivered to Tallahassee CodeCamp 2012-November   3.73 meg - 11/5/2012
Windows 8 Overview for the ITPro Windows 8 Overview with an ITPro slant. As delivered to TalTech group 2012-November.   5.09 meg - 11/5/2012
Windows Phone Monetization Tips for monetizing your Windows Phone applications   13.13 meg - 4/14/2012
Windows Phone Internationalization Globalization and Localization for Windows Phone 7.x   15.80 meg - 4/14/2012
Kinect SDK Presentation Kinect SDK for Windows 1.0   5.45 meg - 10/5/2011
2011 Fall PhoneCamp Content Presentations from 2011 Fall Windows PhoneCamp including Public Sector Opportunity Deck   42.88 meg - 10/18/2011
WP7 Garage II Materials from May 2011 Windows Phone Garage world tour - well, Tampa, Charlotte, and Atlanta at least...   33.17 meg - 5/23/2011
Windows Phone 7 Tacklebox Assortment of Windows Phone 7 samples. Continually evolving.   2.36 meg - 5/10/2011
Silverlight Firestarter 2011/Q1 From 2011 Silverlight Firestarter. NESL, Lightswitch, Line of Business including data binding and service calls.   20.68 meg - 2/14/2011
WP7 - Consuming Service From 2011 South Florida .NET CodeCamp. Consuming REST,ATOM,ODATA,WCF,RSS,ATOM from Windows Phone7 with samples...   2.09 meg - 2/12/2011
Opening the Tacklebox on VS2010 VS2010 Overview deck version 1.0. Contiually evolving, watch for udpates...   2.15 meg - 10/4/2010
ASP.NET 3.5 WebForm VB Routing Implemented ASP.NET 3.5 routing with VB samples for blog article.   10.78 kb - 10/4/2010
2010 Azure Roadshow Materials Any materials I've used in the Winter 2010 Azure Roadshow. Includes PPTs for Azure intro and SQLAzure, HelloCloud, and .sql files for the SQLAzure demos. Last updates 2010/02/26.   12.34 meg - 10/4/2010
Win7 for Managed Code Developers Developing for Win7 using managed code. Devfish custom demos in zip file.   14.77 meg - 10/4/2010
IE8 for Developers IE8 for Developers overview. Resources, overview slides.   2.41 meg - 10/4/2010
Data Services Intro data services, including data services and sql server data services. used at msdn devcon in orlando december 2008   1.65 meg - 10/4/2010
jquery jquery presentation, link to demos. used at msdn devcon in orlando december 2008   193.86 kb - 10/4/2010
VS2008 Service Pack 1 Deck Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 Overview   1.11 meg - 10/4/2010
VS2008 Launch Event - Next Gen Web Heroes Happen Here PPT and demos from presentation. Used in Orlando, Lauderdale, and Tampa.   16.87 meg - 10/4/2010
3.5 Framework Enhancements Consolidated Deck Language enhancements, misc framework enhancements, light coverage of linq, workflow (+3.5), and wcf (+3.5)   7.33 meg - 10/4/2010
RegisterClientScript form tag issue demo code If you leave out the form tag your scripts wont inject into a page, but it will still render. Sample code.   3.84 kb - 10/4/2010
ADO.NET Synch Services PPTs and demo notes for ADO.NET Synch services. Used in Orlando and Jacksonville SQLSaturday events   4.00 meg - 10/4/2010
2007 Fall Tiki Hut PPTs Powerpoints from the Virtual Earth and Expression Web talks...   9.09 meg - 10/4/2010
silverlight 101 Powerpoints and demo snippets for my silverlight 101 presentation   5.58 meg - 10/4/2010
Visual Studio Orcas PPT v7 Powerpoints for my full bore Visual Studio Orcas presentation. Beta2 info.   2.96 meg - 10/4/2010
2007 MVP Summit Videos - Florida Focus MVP summit video montage. The words in the song are appropriate. Special thanks to the Microsoft-Redmond MVP team for making my MVPs and influentials heroes for a day.   23.02 meg - 10/4/2010
dotnet University Photos - April 6 2007 dotnet university photos from Tampa April 6 2007 session. WARNING - BIG BIG FILE   42.92 meg - 10/4/2010
Visual Studio Orcas PPT Powerpoints for my full bore Visual Studio Orcas presentation   2.96 meg - 10/4/2010
ASP.NET AJAX (formerly atlas) talk support files -- updated --. Powerpoint and demo notes from my ASP.NET AJAX talk. Version 7.0. Samples from the Orlando and Space Coast AJAX Days as well as 'buildit' scripts. Using the RTM bits.   2.29 meg - 10/4/2010
Vista Launch - User Experience Session Slide deck from the vista launch   5.69 meg - 10/4/2010
Intro to XNA XNA samples and PPT from the first run of the Russ and Joe Developer Show on 2007-01-27.   8.10 meg - 10/4/2010
Intro to Windows Workflow v2. 11/13/2006 and 11/14/2006 Jacksonville and Tampa tour. Webcast on 10/16/2006. Simple workflow overview, demo script, demo files.   10.23 meg - 10/4/2010
Developer Platform Briefing Oct 2006 From FLADOTNET on 10/3 and Orlando on 10/4. Developer platform briefing, SmartClient roadmap,, Orcas, ado vNext, oh my!   15.93 meg - 10/4/2010
Randomizer Random number generator used for drawings and such.   1.44 meg - 10/4/2010
Security Development Lifecycle Security Development Lifecycle slides from my May 23 2006 talk to the Tampa Bay ISSA chapter.   4.52 meg - 10/4/2010
HTMLToText utility class v 1.3 Rip the raw text from an HTML stream. Demo testbed included to show how to pull from a web URL or an HTML string. Added an optional flag to compress whitespace inside the stream.   345.04 kb - 10/4/2010
Visual Studio Express PPT Powerpoint and demo notes from my Visual Studio Express. Version 2.0   5.37 meg - 10/4/2010
Virtual Earth Starter Kit - beta1 See how to plot VE points on VE using clientside and serverside data. Specific data for FWC Artificial Reefs for four counties is included. ATLAS/AJAX callbacks not implemented yet, but watch for beta2. Not a 'template' yet but soon.   571.58 kb - 10/4/2010
Fishing Spots with Virtual Earth and SQL2005 PowerPoint, ASPX source, SQL2005 Management Studio Project to build the database, geofuncs source code for Great Circle Distance and Bearing. You must download the NOAA mdf's yourself from the NOAA site. Location is in the PowerPoint. Soon to be a production site!   2.88 meg - 10/4/2010
VB6 to .NET Migration - Pitfalls and Practicalities Tools and tips for migrating VB6 and ASP to .NET   2.40 meg - 10/4/2010
SmartClient demo, source, script PPT, source code, and demo script from the VS2005 launch in Orlando.   3.90 meg - 10/4/2010
CLRVer Simple utility to tell you the CLR version that an assembly wants. Source code included.   29.25 kb - 10/4/2010
CSharp Intro Basic intro to the programming constructs of CSharp   990.30 kb - 10/4/2010
ASP.NET 1.1 to 2.0 Migration ASP.NET 1.1 to 2.0 migration deck and walkthrough script ala devfish.   272.89 kb - 10/4/2010
SQL2005 TSQL Enhancements TSQL enhancement ppts, geofunc util, pivot table puzzle for the contest. Presented at Tampa Bay .NET Developer Group Nov 2005.   194.79 kb - 10/4/2010
Dump Outlook Attachments Dump all the attachments in an Outlook folder out to a directory - sample code. Uses COM Interop.   68.04 kb - 10/4/2010
Visual Studio Tools for Office 2005 VSTO presentation, demo snippets, demo web service, using in presentation for St. Petersburg based company on 11/03/2005   194.97 kb - 10/4/2010
Dyamically set URL Mappings from xml file or a database Source code showing how to dynamically load additional URL mappings from a dataset into the web.config. By client request!   6.25 kb - 10/4/2010
Jeff Barnes session materials From Barnes Tampa presentation - VSTS and ClickOnce.   10.60 meg - 10/4/2010
IDEAS International October 2005 .NET Overview with focus on web services and SOA - 1hr   4.67 meg - 10/4/2010
What's new and cool in VS2005 Powerpoint, SQL2005 GPS functons for bearing and Great Circle Distance, stored procedure and view definitions. Visual Studio 2005 Beta2 project using Virtual Earth.   330.46 kb - 10/4/2010
Indigo based random winner code Random winner code using an Indigo Service, by Jeff Barnes.   46.91 kb - 10/4/2010
AppUpdater2 PAG Block PPT PPT for App Updater PAG Block presentation   133.33 kb - 10/4/2010
AppUpdater2 Demo Notes and Base App Demo notes and basic starter application for App Updater Block 2 demo.   35.38 kb - 10/4/2010
Opening the Tacklebox on VS2005 Opening the Tacklebox on VS2005 Beta1. Does not cover CTPs or Beta2. Some features may now be incorrect   1.10 meg - 10/4/2010
Performance and Scalability Slides Slide deck from Developing for Performance and Scalability talk. Lots of perf links. v4.   159.92 kb - 10/4/2010
Performance and Scalability Demos Console based demos for perfnscale talk. Includes demo using of high performance timers class from msdn   206.90 kb - 10/4/2010
SAMSTYWP75IN24 JHEALY For Betsy...   8.94 meg - 3/28/2012

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