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Florida App Hub by z_williamson - App Callout
Posted on 8/28/2013 5:52:15 PM

Zack Williamson is starting an effort to have a Florida Application Developer Hub to catalog our local development efforts. He's put together Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps that offer up catalogs of Florida developed apps. Unfortunately at the time of this writing the catalog is a bit light, but I'm hoping for some of the Florida devs to step in an catalog up their goodies.

One interesting note, Zack integrates Windows Store metadata inside his application. He has developed an API that reads/rips the data from the Windows 8 and Windows Phone stores, puts a nice REST interface on them, and allows his apps, as well as other third party apps to acess the data. He's supplying a free service right now using Azure. So (right now) you could integrate it into your own applications.


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