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VB n CSharp Team members tour Florida - June 2010
Posted on 5/14/2010 11:06:47 AM

For a special treat in June, we've got Redmond-based product team members touring the state. Representing VB will be Yang Xiao, and representing C# will be Kirill Osenkov. Dates and URLs are below. If the user group offers registration, sign up now, as I'd expect these events to fill up quick.

Monday, June 14 - Orlando .NET User Group -
Tuesday, June 15 - Tampa .NET User Group -
Wednesday, June 16 - Sarasota .NET User Group -
Thursday, June 17 - Fort Lauderdale .NET User Group -

About Yang Xiaou
Yang Xiao is an SDET on the Microsoft Visual Studio VB IDE team. She ships features including Generate from usage, No PIA, Edit and Continue, and Silverlight editing and debugging experience. Yang got her Ph.D in computer science in Arizona State University before she joined Microsoft, her research is using deltas to analyze data dependencies and semantic correctness of concurrent process execution in web services environment.

Yang's discussion topics may include Language features such as Auto-implemented properties, Array literals/Collection initializers, Multiline lambdas, Interop with dynamic languages, Compiling without PIAs, Generic Variance. as well as IDE aspects such as Generate from usage, Implicit line continuation, Navigate to, and Keyword colorization.

About Kirill Osenkov
Kirill Osenkov is an SDET on the Microsoft Visual Studio C# IDE team. He is responsible for IntelliSense, navigation, refactoring, editor, etc. as well as stress testing for managed languages. As a hobby, Kirill works on - an open-source .NET (Silverlight/WPF) interactive CAD/dynamic geometry library. Kirill has a blog at  and Twitter at .

Kirill's discussion topics may include Language aspects, such as Dynamic keyword,Named and optional parameters, Co/Contravariance, COM improvements. He's also touch on some IDE features such as Call Hierarchy, Quick Symbol Search, Highlight References, and Generate From Usage.

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