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Posted on 8/9/2007 10:26:12 PM

david hayden, jim wooley, jim zimmerman tampa codecamp photo linked from

tampa codecamp photo linked from

How to link to a photo

There are a ton of photo sites out there. Flickr is the obvious. also has a very good photo gallery, but I wanted to actually link photos from spaces into my blog here at the fish. Not 100% clear how to do that. After a few emails with the product guys, I learned how you can build some perma-urls to photos at In the spirit of Jon Box, I'm now passing my learnings along to you.

First locate your photo blog albumn ID. The format is: You can start by using the Photos All Albums feed to get an album ID


For my photos I'm using 'thedevfish' space (basically all photos), so my feed is:

The album I want is my "influential photos" album. By clicking on the album I can see its URL, which contains the album id. The URL is!75364D9E73295107!275/ . The album id is the part between cns! and the closing slash:!75364D9E73295107!275/

So in this case my album id is 75364D9E73295107!275

Next I want an RSS with ALL the photos in an album. The format for the URL is:!<ID>/feed.rss

So to get to my influentials album I need to get go to the following URL:!75364D9E73295107!275/feed.rss

Inside the RSS you will see all the photos listed. The little paper clip icon at the bottom right gives you a permalink to the photo. So for David 'the great one' Hayden, we get a url of:!276 

We can then use the SRC property of an image tag to link to the photo and use it in a page

<img src="!276" />

There are some interesting ideas I can work towards on this api. I'd like to see:
o link to thumbnails also (its there in the URLs with view source but not documented
o some kind of powertoy for getting a single photo url
o powertoy for building filmstrips that display via ajax and silverlight
o automatic film stripper for a photo albumn (no build necessary) ajax and silverlight
o rip apart the vista sidebar gadget and add in rips of spaces feeds
Watch devfish for more info. If I get those projects cooked I'll post the source.

links: RSS photo feed documentation ::
catherine heller blog ::
john bruno blog (a florida guy!) ::

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