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DevFish, is me, aka Joe Healy. 

I'm the Microsoft Developer Evangelist for Florida.

My job is to bring exciting and interesting aspects of VS.NET Development to User Groups and Enterprise developers across his geography. Keep a watch on msdn flash for more exciting things coming down the pipeline.

Hope to see ya'll at some of my public speaking events.

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Joe Healy ( is the Developer Evangelist for Florida. Joe’s geographical responsibility is to provide ‘developer care’ for the Gulf States District for the East Region Developer team. As such, he has responsibilities to bring .NET development to the masses in his area.

Joe serves a multitude of clients, from corporate accounts to broad reach events and User Groups. He lectures on various development and architectural topics focused around the .Net Frameworks, Visual Studio.NET, and associated servers.

Joe worked previously for Microsoft Consulting Services in the custom Application Development arena, focusing on Internet, Web Services, Rich Client, B2B, and browser delivered systems for Microsoft Consulting Services.

Joe has also served time with, Cap Gemini, EDS, and IBM in various capacities…

On a personal level, Joe resides in Tampa Bay, Florida, and enjoys spending time trying to coax Redfish, Snook, and Trout from various nooks and crannies in Tampa Bay. He is married to wife Anne, with two little girls, Ryan and Morgan, who will also grow up to be great "fisher-ladies" one day.

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